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ATS Cargo Services (Pvt) Ltd.

ATS cargo Services (Pvt) Ltd recognized as the most progressive efficient International Transportation Company. It shall be our commitment to fulfill the demands and needs of international trade and transportation in a highly competitive and cost effective environment. We firmly believe in excelling to discharge our obligations towards our internal and external customers.

Why Choose ATS Cargo

  • Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services
  • Be an Active Community Partner
  • Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Clearance and compliance service
  • Clearance and compliance service
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Air & Ocean Cargo Insurance
  • We ensure complete security

Face Behind Logzee Our Team

Tanvir Ahmed Khan

Founder/General Manager

Ahsan Khan Lodhi

Head Operational

Nadeem Shah

Manager Customs


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We don’t just manage suppliers, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach